About Grandton

Our experience in the Retirement Living and Aged Care sector has allowed us first-hand to foresee the unprecedented challenges Western Australia and Australia faces as the Baby Boomer generation ages.

Baby boomers represent around 20% of the population. With such a large part of society ageing, the demand for care support and suitable accommodation solutions is unprecedented. Baby Boomers have changed every industry that they have been part of throughout their lives, changes that have come about rapidly and which have significantly influenced the way we live today.

The Grandton seniors accommodation and service model answers the key questions about how we can deliver suitable accommodation solutions and ageing in place care support for the ageing Baby Boomer cohort.

The Grandton Vision is bold. We deliberately chose to only participate in a multi-storey market segment, as we believe this is where we can make the most significant contribution.

We chose to develop and operate senior’s accommodation that we would only wish for ourselves and our families when that time arrives. We chose to deliver on the promise to our senior residents to live life on their terms in their own homes with dignity and respect.

In order bring our model to the market we recognised the strategic importance of deep collaboration and cross-pollination with the very finest minds and we feel excited by the life changing possibilities for our future residents and the broader community.

We look forward to bringing the innovative Grandton model to Western Australia.

John Frame | Chairman 

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Our Vision

At Grandton our vision is to re-imagine seniors living.

Ageing affects every person. Health and lifestyle changes are required to adjust to the ageing process which are often complex and often get in the way of people living their lives to the fullest with quality and dignity.

Our vision is brought to life by creating landmark developments that provide quality accommodation and service solutions which allow seniors to live life on their terms in their own homes as they age.

Our Mission

When self-sustaining businesses are built for the sole purpose to bring benefit to others then an abundance of benefit flows.

At Grandton, our experience tells us that people desire much more from life in their senior years regardless of financial circumstances.

The Grandton benevolent mission is to develop and manage low-cost rental accommodation for financially disadvantaged senior Australians. We will reach to achieve this mission by operating financially sustainable Retirement Living businesses and give back to those who are in greatest need.

Our Philosophy

We are not afraid to be courageous in the pursuit of excellence as we can re-imagine a better future for senior Australians.

Being agile, we adapt to a changing environment to suit our resident’s needs so that they can retain control of their lives.

We create luxury apartment developments in locations where people want to live, which are connected to community.

We combine the best service experience for our residents to empower them to live their life in their own homes on their own terms.

We choose to respect our resident’s individuality and thus we chose not to define our residents with labels nor associate them into groups by the types of support they need.

We chose to challenge the existing paradigms not because it’s easy but because it’s hard, believing that by being hard it brings out the best in us.